Eager2Learn is a non-profit organization that is founded by a passionate Rising Junior Parv Chordiya. Eager2Learn has plenty of events and outreach programs but our most prominent is helping underprivileged youth. This organization is led by a group of passionate and highly motivated students ranging from middle school to high school. Eager2Learn generates funds through fundraisers and uses those funds to sponsor underprivileged lego-robotics teams and take them to competitions and events. These lego-robotics competitions can be very expensive and difficult to organize. As a result of this, underprivileged youth don't get the joy of partaking in these activities, and we plan to change that.

Due to Covid-19, our in-person lego robotics training and FLL teams have been put on hiatus. We have now introduced an online learning system where we host volunteer taught live learning and tutoring sessions. More information about our online learning sessions on our "For Learners" page. 

Reviewing for the Exam

Our Team

Hi everyone! I'm Parv Chordiya and I am currently a junior at Leigh High School. I've been interested in coding and STEM topics in general for most of my life and have experience with coding and robotics. I started Eager2Learn my Sophomore year of high school when I realized that STEM education is a very privileged medium and most people do not have access to STEM learning opportunities. In order to bridge that gap, I formed the Eager2Learn platform in order to connect willing volunteers and STEM-interested students anywhere. 

Founder &
Parv Chordiya

Hi everyone! My name is Kaylee and I am the Head of Marketing and Business Relations. I am currently a junior at Yerba Buena High School who hopes to pursue the medical field! :) In school, I enjoy biology, chemistry, and community service. Outside of school, I like to listen to music, keep up with fashion, bullet-journal, and spend time with my dog Autumn!

Kaylee Ly

Hello! I am Jay, and I am 20 years old. I am currently a sophomore at a university. I live in the southern part of California, and I am exploring various areas of coding, such as Python, Java, etc.

Head of Java:
Jay Seo
Teaching Assistant:
Bryan Ambrose

I have always liked teaching kids about tech and other similar topics, and I have done some volunteering pre-covid. I have also taught scratch classes over zoom and at the Santa Clara County library along with onshape cad. I am proficient in scratch and currently taking AP Compsci right now, so I have good Java knowledge as well.